Countdown to the Feis

June 19, 2009

I’ve been with you every class.  We’ve worked out lots of the kinks… but there’s still that leap you want higher, that rhythm you can’t manage to get on time.  I feel your frustrations- every sigh echoes in mine.

I want this for you.  I know how you dream at night of being there… a champion.  I know how you practice in your room, your backyard, with your friends and on my floor.  I see the blisters, the muscles slowly becoming long and lean, the hair plastered on the back of your neck from the exertion of  “again”.   If the judges could only see…

But it’s okay. I believe in you.  And you know what I want the most of all?  I want you to come away not with hands full of medals, but with a heart full of joy.  I want your first thought to be “I can’t wait to get back to class… next time…”

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