How the World Works…

July 15, 2009

You’re fabulous.  You’ve been a natural since you stepped in my studio.  You have this grace of movement, perfect timing and lovely carriage.   You’re everything a teacher could wish for.   Except dedicated.  It might be that you’re just taking it for granted.  It might be your ultra-perfectionism getting in the way of letting yourself fly.  I’m not sure.

But it kills me when you dance next to her.  Watch her.  See what dedication is.  It’s the sweat rolling down the back, the hands clenched in fists, the limping back to the back of the room to go at it again.  She wants it so bad, and has the issues most Irish Dancers do… not high enough, sharp enough or fast enough.  If you work like she works, you’d be on a worlds podium in two years… and you just barely started prelim.

She is my favorite.  I know the parents all say that you’re my favorite, because you got into championships. But little do they know that I like the kids best, who want it most.

One Response to “How the World Works…”

  1. red said

    God Bless you for this post. My dd has a back condition and recently we found out that she has a heart condition. This makes it tough for her stamina, because she also has asthma. Seems like 3 strikes right? Wrong, not to my kiddo. She isn’t a “natural” and works her tush off in class and practices at home every day. She gets out of class dripping wet every time. She’s not perfect and frustrates me and her teacher because her problems are the same ones now that she had at age 9 but she’s trying. She’s a Prelim dancer & her teacher is her buddy. Natural dancers lose motivation because it’s easy & they’ve been there done that. If my dd recalls at the O & qualifies for NAN’s we won’t care how much it costs to get her there or if she finishes last, I’ll have her there. Thanks for being the kind of TC I would want my sweetheart to have. I hope you inspire all the “sweethearts” out there. Good luck to you and your students.

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