August 27, 2009

I’m so sorry.    When you came in with the cast I’m sure you were thinking “she’s going to be so angry at me- probably “Irish” ground me from ever ever EVER jumping on a trampoline again/playing soccer again/goofing off with my friends again.” I don’t need to be mad. Sometimes experience is the best lesson, and you are your best teacher.

I know the frustrations of having the injury, the fear once the brace comes off of daring to defy gravity again.   So I’ll just tell you the best things I can:

1.  Listen to your Doctor.  He may not realize the commitment level of an Irish Dancer, but he does know what is going on with that fourth tarsal.

2.  I know you want to dance.  DON’T.  Don’t even do it halfway.  Don’t even do it hanging on to your kitchen counter.  Just go back to the floor- do some crunches, some leg lifts standing on the good foot.  Watch some videos, make some cookies for your dancing pals. DON’T DANCE.

3.  Coming back will be hard.  It’s okay, I’m not expecting you to be up to full strength in the first practice.  But know that I love you enough to push you after that.  Babying the injury is easy, but the pain of working the muscles will be worth it when you can fly again.

You will Fly again.

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