What it means to me

September 24, 2009

Being in a rather limited-publicity sport, it’s easy for even family members to not understand what I do, when I do it or How.  But especially Why.

“Why can’t you come camping?”

“Why are you so stressed?”

“Why do you deal with all of that crap?”

“Why did you keep dancing after having kids?”

I don’t understand it myself sometimes.    When I think about the  drama queens, Stage Moms, a less-than-perfect organization, and no money,  of course I even question myself.

If I was out to be a perfect business owner, this dream would have been in the trash years ago.  Same for being a brilliant choreographer, a star performer,  Saavy marketer (you get the idea).  If I wanted to be universally popular, respected and admired?  Won’t hold out for that one.

But there’s this feeling inside of me that I was meant to do this.

I do this because of the kids.  Amazing young men and women that come in just filled to the brim with this life energy.  To see their eyes light up when they do that new move right for the first time.  To hear them talking with their “Wednesday Night Best Friends”.  To get little notes from the Moms of these kids letting me know that I’ve changed their son or daughter’s lives for the better.   To be inspired every time they dance with “Wow, I helped them get there”.    To get the same thrill to see my first feis dancer with a medal in her palm as seeing my first “from scratch” student standing on the Podium. Goals that are made, planned, teamworked and met.  That I can be a part of it.

It means that I have a purpose here on this earth, to bring everyone to know their creator by discovering what they can do with the body he has given them.  So that’s why I do it- that’s what it means to me.

2 Responses to “What it means to me”

  1. Christy said

    There’s a spark of divinity that calls to us, pushing us past reason to sacrifice and share that deepest passion that resides within. I beleive that by sharing this passion with others and giving freely of ourselves our character is improved and we change the world, one person at a time.

    Bravo for a beautiful and inspiring blog!

  2. red said

    My dd & I have had to put up with a lot of stuff in this sport but we would do it again because of all the wonderful things that have happened. I still remember that first medal at 9, I still remember shouting out (and embarassing myself in the process) when she got to Prelims and just recently how I and she felt when she got her first win in Prelim. I think we were on cloud 9 for about a week. It’s that kind of memory I’ll remember, not all the pettiness from other parents, tc’s, and mean girls. Our glass is half-full.

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