Top 10 Things for Parents to Remember at the O

November 3, 2010

I came across this new post at The Main Irish Dance Board That I thought was a wonderful contribution. I am working on my own O post, but in the meantime, enjoy the wise words of this parent!

Top 10 things for Parents to Remember:

1) Don’t upset your daughter or son by telling them they didn’t dance well or won’t place well.

2) Don’t scream at or pull your children, trying to get them to practice before they go on stage.

3) Remember your child’s results doesn’t change who they are as a person, nor will it get them into the college of their choice.

4) Remember the dance teacher is just as disappointed at a bad result as the child they teach, or maybe more disappointed when they can’t explain what happened.

5) Try not to gloat to other parents if their dd or ds does exceptionally well and the person they are talking to has had the opposite sort of day.

6) Don’t go to the bar and stay out late. It just doesn’t look right and sets a bad example and typically puts you in a bad mood when dealing with children the next day.

7) Take a lot of pictures and try to remember that your child is only a child once and life is short. Don’t miss these moments with your child.

8 ) Try to remember what it was like at your dd or ds’s first Oireachtas and help the new parents in your school through the event.

9) Remember it’s the friends your child will ultimately treasure from Irish dancing (just ask any dance teacher) , not the medals and trophies.

10) The Today Show is doing a series on how common courtesy lacking in our society. Set an example by saying please and thank you to everyone around you. It feels good.

3 Responses to “Top 10 Things for Parents to Remember at the O”

  1. Scully said

    These are good reminders. I’ve only witnessed bad behavior once at a feis, but it was really terrible. An older girl and her mother were having a lovely screaming match, the daughter going on and on about how she KNEW she was not going to dance well because mom was there, always watching, always criticizing.

    When it is no longer fun, it is time to hang up the ghillies.

  2. Paul Seale said

    I’m in the midst of putting together a packing list for our upcoming Oireachtas, mostly for the benefit of first-timers: back-up shoes; extra laces; hole punches; iPods; et cetera. I might not have thought to pack up civility and courtesy but for your posting. I’ll put all 10 items on the list.

  3. mensa58 said

    Those are good, and I’d add something.

    Parents, don’t let your dancers practice in the hotel hallways until all hours of the night. Remember, other people are there and need their rest too. Some may not even be dancers (gasp!)

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