More Words of Wisdom for our Parents

February 4, 2011

Here is a fantastic video that I’d like to pass along to all of our wonderful supportive parents out there, and for those who would like to know what their role is as the parent of a dancer. Enjoy.

Rhee Gold Commentary to Parents

3 Responses to “More Words of Wisdom for our Parents”

  1. Jennifer said

    Thanks for posting this. I just found your blog this morning and it’s very interesting. I’m the parent of an eight year old who has been dancing for just two and a half years. There’s so much about the Irish dance world that puzzles me. I’m very glad to hear things from a teacher’s perspective.

  2. DT's said

    help! I’m suffering terrible withdrawal. Nearly 2 months without some words of wisdom to guide us through this wacky ID world 🙂

  3. March is the busy month for all of us, and it’s been quite hectic for me as well.

    But never fear… I’ve got quite the post coming.

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