Guest Post: A Mother’a View

February 10, 2017

I ran across this post and found it heart-rending and well-worded.

“I watch my beautiful dedicated daughter who gets up before school to do her dancing drills, I watch her after study on non dancing nights at 9 or 10 o clock practice and practice and stretch and exercise. I watch her give up friends get togethers and parties to not miss dancing class. I watch her telling her friends how dancing is a sport and the best sport. I watch her prepare for feis making sure there is not a hair out of place and her make up is perfect. I watch her dance so strong and confident around the stage. I watch her as she comes down from the stage feeling happy about how she danced. I watch her wait with excitement for results or recall.
I watch how her face falls when she is near the bottom again or doesn’t hear her number in the recall and my heart breaks. I watch other dancers get the glory. I watch as the tears fall and she asks what am i doing wrong.
I watch as she examines the results carefully and tries to get some consolation from a high mark. I watch as she looks out the car window on way home saying nothing. I watch as her confidence is eroded a little bit more and i wish with all my heart that things could be different for her.
I wish we were from a well known big school, I wish i was in the dancing circle so she would be well known to all the judges. I wish she was watched when she danced with a top dancer on stage. I wish she could be one of the dancers who sometimes has an ally on the panel who would give her a high mark which would pull her up. I wish the judges would look at her fab timing and rthymn and posture. I wish all was fair. I wish dancing teachers wouldnt put up on their pages – hard work pays off- because it doesn’t or Work hard and the results will follow – because they don’t.
I wish she would pursue a different path but she is passionate about irish dancing. I wish all the very best for my beautiful talented daughter and i will watch as she prepares for the next feis.”



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