An Irish Dance teacher, any teacher really… I think I think the same things as your teacher.  We tend to be similar animals, you see.

Not Satisfied?  I’m sure. I wouldn’t be either.

But for reasons I’m sure you can understand, revealing my identity could cause a maelstrom of unpleasant experiences for me, my students, and others that I blog about.  So I hope you’ll forgive me… the longer I’m in this “business”, the more I realize that it’s important to be careful.  Thanks for reading, and feel free to comment if your experiences or similar or different!  I’d love to hear how others think on these issues.

19 Responses to “About the Irish Dance Teacher”

  1. Emily Land said

    I would really like to get my TC to work with children with special needs and/or kids that just don’t have access to things like ID.

    I realize I don’t have to get a TC if I’m not planning to run a competing type of studio, but feel it is important for my own reasons.

    Do you know of any ID folks that work with special needs children? Almost every feis has the “special dancer” category, but I have yet to see anyone dance in it. My son was active in Challenger Baseball, but I have never come across the equivalent in dance and think it is something that would be interesting to develop.



    • My daughters studio has a number of special needs students, though their is no special class – and I think it would be a boon to them. However, the studio “locally” is a satellite, and bless their TC’s heart for driving an hour each way for the classes as it is. And being willing to have the special needs kids in her classes.

      Thus far, we’ve usually hired a student from the local college majoring in Special Ed to go with her and try to keep her focused. And bless her school for being willing to go along with this plan. 🙂 In the middle of the year last year we decided to take a break, as my daughter was getting very resistant to going. I think it might be a sound sensitivity, so we’ll try the local feis with earplugs and see how that goes. But, yes, if I could find one of the older dancers who was interested in special needs dancers and wanted to do some private lessons… I’d spring. 🙂

  2. S said

    Thanks for your site – I see the issues you raise with my daughter and her school. Some is joyful, some heart-breaking. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragement.

  3. Emily said

    Hi! I’m an irishdancer and I recently got into Open Championships. I am finding it really hard to get motivated to practice. I have so many things to work on and I don’t know where to start. I would love any ideas and advice from you. Thank you very much!

  4. Aussie said

    I am a teacher of Irish dancing and love your blog. You are able to word so well what I sometimes struggle to get through to my dancers. I lost my first group of dancers this year to the study bug and your post had me in tears thinking of them. Thank you for the time you take to write these things.

  5. Boleyngrrl said

    I’m satisfied. I don’t need to know who you are, but what you post makes me feel like it’s all worth it after everything I’ve gone through as a dancer. I just want to say thanks!

  6. spirit of the gael said

    Thank you so much for all these wonderful posts.You have given me hope again.I’m a fifteen year old novice/prizewinner dancer.I just injured my foot and will be out for several weeks.I feel like I don’t have time left.I was reading through your old posts and I realized that if it took me five years from where I am to get to Worlds,I’d still only be twenty.I’ve also decided to list my goals on focus on them once I am no longer injured.For now,I’m going to stop moping around because I can’t practice and go do some Pilates or something.Thanks so much for inspiring me.

  7. I think you do a wonderful job with this, and you express the rollercoaster highs and lows beautifully.

    Now, my girls are both ASD, so the competitive angle isn’t something I’ve had to deal with as yet – and may never. And even though we’re currently taking a bit of a “break” to deal with their own quirks, what you’ve shared reminds me that I need to be constantly mindful of their teacher and not place too many demands on HER time or energy. In point of fact, I just dropped a thank you card in the mail to her school and teacher. 🙂 I suspect they don’t hear the “thank you’s” nearly often enough when compared to the complaints.

  8. Patty said

    Who can I contact with a serious situation for advice before I contact commission? No longer have a TC, thanks

    • If it has to do with a school in your region, I’d recommend contacting your regional head. Should they not reply, feel free to take it to the big wigs. Anything I can help with?

      • Patty said

        Thanks for the reply…prob. won’t be able go to regional head due to teachers being very close friends. Dancer apparently broke a rule without knowledge…teacher dimissed dancer. After ten years. Dancer had not been to class due to other committments for a long time. But thanks for your reply!

  9. NewtoID said

    Wow, your blog is wonderful! Thank you, as a new Mom to competetive ID it really is good to read about teachers issues & what they need from us as parents…they are the people that are so inspiring to our children and need our support as well. It was alos great to read about the Top 10 Everyones Favourite Parent! its easy to get caught up in the politics as some parents live throught their children & cause havoc wherever they go…I will strive to be on the top 10 list!! Thanks for your wisdom & thoughts.

  10. admirer said

    Hope to hear from you again soon – I love your blog!

  11. StillDancing said

    Love reading your blog…as a dancer forced to stop feising (injuries) who’s just finished covering teaching duties for my dance school (the teacher had a sudden severe illness,) I can identify with both sides of the coin, so to speak. Your thoughts regarding the competitive nature of the sport are particularly insightful…thank you!

  12. Momto2 said

    I hope you have just taken a little time off from writing becuase I would love to hear more of your insight! I think you may actually be a fly on the wall in our studio b/c you have covered every topic we have encountered as a dance school. Thanks and keep up the great work!

  13. Megan said

    This is a fantastic blog. As a parent I struggle with deciding whether to transfer my child or have them stay the course. This reminds me that we do not need to be in a hurry, she has things to work on as a dancer and this is okay as long as a teacher is willing to teach her.

  14. southern tcrg said

    Reading over your posts and I love them just as much now as I did when I read them the first time. I would love for you to post more!

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